CanineSense provides obedience instruction for both puppies and adult dogs.

Using positive reinforcement techniques, dogs are rewarded with food treats, toys, praise, and play. They soon discover how fun it is to learn!

Beginning Puppy Course:

  • Focuses on critical socialization and essential puppy manners. This includes crate training, play protocol, and basic cues like SIT, and STAY. This important instruction serves to build a trusting relationship between you and your puppy.

Good Manners Course:

  • Focuses on the fundamentals of positive reinforcement training, a science based approach to obedience training.  Included in the program are the foundation cues of polite behavior (SIT, COME, LEAVE IT). Also, an overview of canine body language is provided to better understand your dog. Simple problem behaviors, such as jumping up, may also be addressed.

Individual Lessons are available on an "as needed" basis, to review a series of training cues or concentrate on an individual area of concern. 

Guide Dogs For The Blind: Breeder Custodian Program

Guide Dogs for the Blind carefully manages their service dog breeding program at their campus in San Rafael, Ca.  Volunteers who live within 50 miles of the campus and meet the criteria for GDB Breeder Custodians have the opportunity to raise GDB Breeder Dogs.  These non-service dogs are among the very best in health and temperament in the Guide Dog colony.  

Lynn has developed a training program specifically for these wonderful dogs.  While the focus is on teaching polite manners, the program also explores how dogs learn and how they communicate.  The goal of the program is to provide an overall education of canine behavior and training, so that the Custodians may deepen their bonds with their dogs.

Good Manners I

This five week course provides a science based form of instruction tailored especially for GDB Breeders and their Custodians.  The curriculum has been derived from international sources to provide the most current techniques available.  Positive reinforcement training, with an emphasis on what a dog does right, is practiced throughout the course.  Canine body language, an explanation of what your dog is communicating through his body, is also covered.

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Good Manners II

For graduates of "Good Manners I", this program serves both as a refresher class and an added challenge class, with the introduction of new techniques and cues.  Some classes will be theme based and announced ahead of time. Participants may take individual classes. 

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